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Course materials | Introduction to Computational Neuroscience

“Introduction to Computational Neuroscience” is the flagship course offered by Computational Neuroscience Lab at the Institute of Computer Science of University of Tartu. From the beginning of the course in 2014 we decided to make the material public and open source, you can access them in this GitHub repository:

The course covers such topics, as:

  • Structure and function of the brain
  • Neuroimaging techniques
  • Processing continuous neural data
  • Precessing spiking data
  • Neural decoding
  • Single neuron models
  • Neural networks models
  • Introduction to machine learning in the context of neuroscience
  • Introduction to artificial neural networks and deep learning
  • Brain-computer interfaces
  • Perception
  • Learning and memory
  • Attention and decision-making

Course web page:
Recorded lectures:
Course materials:


I have worked on various projects in machine learning and computer science, neuroscience and brain-computer interfaces, reinforcement learning and robotics. Currently I am focusing on two things: leading machine learning team at OffWorld Inc. to train robots for space exploration, and continuing the research done as part of my PhD on neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

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